LTL Freight Transport

DGI Trucking Inc. provides efficient LTL freight transport that gets your smaller shipments where they need to go in a hurry through our extensive domestic trucking network. By safely consolidating your freight with other shipments, you save time and money.

Benefits of LTL Shipping:

Cost-Effective: If you aren’t shipping enough freight to constitute a full truckload, or if you need to make multiple deliveries, LTL is much more cost-effective. It’s also much more cost-effective than parcel shipping. By safely consolidating your freight with other freight, you aren’t paying for the shipment of air.

Flexibility: Deliver a variety of small and diverse shipments to scattered destinations around the country.

Speed: In the US, trucking is one of the most efficient means of shipping freight. Also, with LTL, you don’t have to wait until a shipment is large enough to fill a truck before you can start delivering to your clients. DGI Trucking handles all the logistics for you and gets your product to its final destination in the most efficient way possible.

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